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Work in a future-oriented way: The interactive tools and solutions developed specifically for networks, clusters and associations open up a wide range of possible applications for your strategy and innovation work."


NEW possibilities FOR A NEW ERA

Interactive tools and solutions with smart content

Would you like to understand future trends and their impact on your organisation? Be able to analyse the impact of trends on very specific industries? Always be up to date on new innovations and concepts? Make better decisions? With our interactive tools, solutions and smart content, it's all possible.


Ideas and

Identify the risks and opportunities of tomorrow

With the smart trend radar, you can assess the effects of all relevant mega and macro trends on your own organisation, different economic sectors, and on your members

And the best part:

Our system not only automatically provides you with trend assessments and comments from top experts, but also delivers concrete solution proposals.



Finding global innovations, new technologies and exciting solutions

With the Innovation Compass, you can search specifically for relevant innovations, new technologies and exciting approaches. This gives you a clear picture of which developments are currently influencing the various sectors and which may change them in the future.

And the best part:

You will be informed about new content in the search fields which you define yourself, not only via your computer, but also through your mobile device.


Quickly develop ideas for different problems as part of a team

With the idea and solution workshop, we offer you the opportunity to raise your own expertise to a new level through the collaborative use of internal and external knowledge. Intuitive tools for internal and external knowledge generation open up completely new possibilities for intelligent solution development.

And the best part:

You and your employees can easily start brainstorms at any time with the Ideation Assistant, to which colleagues, your own members, and external know-how carriers can also be invited.


You want to learn more?

Join us for a guided video conference to immerse yourself in the Trend & Innovation Lab!

If you would like to get to know the functions and possibilities of the trend & innovation lab better, please let us know ideally 2-3 desired dates. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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